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Do you have multiple loans on your neck? Are you unable to pay all your obligations? Or do you just want to waste money out of the window unnecessarily and pay interest to more companies? Are you tired of worrying about whether all your payments have gone well and on time? Would it be easier and more economical for you to pay only one installment and pay only one interest? Then loan consolidation is right for you.

Bad credit won’t stop you from getting a payday loan: Online Payday Loans No Credit Check

What is Loan Consolidation?

Payday loan consolidation at Paydayloanhelpers.com refers to a situation where you merge all your payday loans into one single. If the client has more loans, an overdraft facility, or a credit card drawn on, and so on – it is a big advantage to consolidate, ie to merge loans. This is a new loan/loan that is used to repay all existing receivables. The client thus achieves many advantages. First of all, there is a change in the terms of the loan – the conditions for borrowing money can often be disadvantageous for previous loans. Very often the monthly payment is reduced. The client gets better out of an unbearable situation. And instead of paying many installments in different terms, you’ll pay only one, in one day. Also, instead of paying interest fees to multiple companies, you only pay one.

How will loan consolidation help you?

  • You will pay only one installment per month
  • You will pay interest only to one company
  • Your monthly payment will be reduced
  • It will relieve your financial situation

How does consolidation work with us?

First, by proxy, we will contact all your creditors and the companies you owe money. Then we will arrange for you the quantification and payment of individual obligations. We can also pay all your distrains for you if you wish. As a result, one single monthly installment is provided by a single loan. In addition, our loan can also be refinanced through the bank at any time.

How is Consolidation Processed?

First, fill out and submit your loan consolidation request. You will then be contacted by our consultant who will discuss with you all the options and the right products for your situation. You will be familiar with the terms and documents needed to conclude a new loan. Based on this, the contractual documents we provide to you will be dealt with, including any queries. If you agree to the terms and conditions, contracts will be signed.

How will loan consolidation help you?

How will loan consolidation help you?

  • You will not have to waste time paying several creditors – you will only have one loan and one monthly payment.
  • Reduce your monthly expenses
  • Everything is done quickly.
  • You will then have your situation resolved by a single loan from us that will be repaid on a monthly basis, or you will pay early at any time.

How will loan consolidation help you?

How will loan consolidation help you?

  • You will not have to waste time paying several creditors – you will only have one loan and one monthly payment.
  • Reduce your monthly expenses
  • Everything is done quickly.
  • You will then have your situation resolved by a single loan from us that will be repaid on a monthly basis, or you will pay early at any time.

German debt relief TEST – Serious & costs ok?

According to the Federal Ministry for Family and Social Affairs, over two million households are over-indebted, and once again so many are close to it. Over-indebtedness often means complete resignation for those affected.

This causes the spiral to turn downwards. Help is needed as soon as possible, it should have been searched in advance.

The essentials in brief

  • German debt relief is a reputable provider of debt restructuring, debt restructuring or going into private bankruptcy.
  • The aim is to reduce the debt burden and the amount of installments.
  • A free analysis interview is possible throughout Germany.
  • In business for over 20 years.



  • In our rescheduling loan comparison, first check the costs and conditions for rescheduling free of charge and without obligation even if the private credit is negative.
  • In our overview of reputable debt restructuring you will find more debt counselors for Germany.

German debt relief test and experiences

German debt relief test and experiences

Debt is not the same as debt. Professionals distinguish between three levels.

  • Debt: Debt already exists when a cell phone is bought on credit. However, experts do not see any fears about a debt level of up to 25 percent of net household income.
  • Debt: The debt is so high that the household net income is not enough to pay the load. However, the debtor still has other assets that can be used to settle the debt.
  • Over-indebtedness: The debts are so high that the net household income for repayment is insufficient and there are no other assets.

The Deutsche-Guldenbefreiung.de first recommends to get an idea of ​​the income and expenditure. This is already enough for a household bill. On the revenue side, not only the salary should be available, but also other possible cash receipts, such as a repayment of repayment or tax repayment.

Conversely, on the expenditure side, it must also be noted which additional payments, for example to the tax office, are still pending. The easiest way to track expenses is to use the classic budget book. Here it can also be seen where there is potential for savings.

Last but not least, it is necessary to compile a list of outstanding claims for creditor and amount. The debt counselor must also know which creditors are already seeking enforcement or threaten debt collection.

Debt counseling is, as mentioned, not only in over-indebtedness, but also useful in advance. These include situations like

  • Too high monthly overall rates
  • Payments to too many jobs
  • Plated accounts
  • Locked accounts
  • reminders
  • Reminder and enforcement orders
  • Visit by the bailiff
  • Less income through wage assignment
  • Wage garnishments

How do debts arise with private individuals?

How do debts arise with private individuals?

The problem with debt is that they do not come overnight. Debts are slowly building up like a wave. It starts with the Dispo, which becomes the permanent state. Open credit card balances complete this picture. The first debt restructuring comes into a installment loan, but the debt spiral is starting all over again. In addition there are current payment obligations for water, electricity, mobile phone etc.

Many retailers offer to buy on credit with small installments. Some consumers do not pay attention at the moment that he already has five loans with 30 euros per month, and uses the mobile phone financing. It’s only ten euros a month. So one payment obligation comes slowly to the next. Creditors usually want their money back, the debt relief according to § 397 Abs. 1 BGB comes only in the rarest cases to bear.

debt Relief

debt Relief

The German Debt Liberation (DSB) offers a free analysis of the debtor’s situation in order to get involved in debt relief. With more than 20 years of experience in debt counseling, German debt relief offers systematic debt relief. The way to get there depends on the individual circumstances of the debtor. The offer of Deutsche-Schuldenbefreiung.de ranges from conversations with the creditors over a reduction of the rate on a loan debt to the accompaniment in a private bankruptcy.

The analysis and the solutions can be requested by using the contact form. Only the entry of the name, the e-mail address, the telephone number as well as the profession, net income and debt are necessary. The company operates nationwide. However, legal advice must not take place, but the German debt relief offers a network of specialized lawyers.


If you are in the debt trap, you need help as soon as possible. Professional supporters may still be able to help avert the worst, personal bankruptcy. Deutsche-Guldenbefreiung.de has the necessary competence and the appropriate network to be able to actively help.

Cheap costs for private and commercial


In times of constantly increasing rents, the deposit becomes an increasing burden for tenants. With cold rents of 1,000 euros and more, 3,000 euros bail for many people are still difficult to handle. Moving costs, brokerage commissions and the renovation make a change of residence an expensive fun. Anyone looking for a solution, as he ties at least his free money still not on a Mietautionssparbuch, for example, find a Mietaval.

Rental leases are even more important for commercial tenants. While the legislature limits the deposit to three rents for private housing, it can be up to six months for commercial leases. With a cold rent of 3,000 euros, the bail, especially for business founders fatal high.



Mietaval comparison for business and private

  • Here you can compare different Mietaval providers or Mietkautionsbürgschaft offers online.
  • Just choose the amount of the deposit, the desired term and whether it is a private apartment or a commercial object. After a click on “Compare rental deposit” your personal comparison result will be provided in a few seconds.
  • Afterwards you can conclude your rent deposit guarantee directly online.

What is actually a Mietaval?

What is actually a Mietaval?

A rental agreement is a guarantee from the bank to the landlord that he is responsible for any claims of the landlord against the tenant. The Mietaval assumes that the tenant has a corresponding credit rating. The check of the creditworthiness is exactly as if the tenant actually applied for a loan. Legally speaking, a lease agreement for the bank is a contingent liability, as it is not clear whether it actually has to pay for rent losses. If this happens, the bank then takes the renter into recourse.

For the tenant, an avalanche means that its credit rating is reduced by the amount of the guarantee. Assuming that he would be “good” with his income for a loan of 50,000 euros, the Aval is 3,000 euros, he could still take a loan in the amount of 47,000 euros.

Mietavale offer for tenants and landlords an important asset: The landlord knows that the credit rating of his tenant is correspondingly good, the tenant does not have to endeavor to provide a separate Schufa information.

Why compare Mietaval?

Why compare Mietaval?

Why do borrowers compare the terms of each bank? Right, because there are differences. And that’s just the case with rental avaible. In addition to a set-up fee is also an annual avalage fee.

For the preparation of the Avalurkunde calculate the banks once between 30 and 50 euros. The annual avalage fee is 3.5% on average and is due on the amount of the guarantee. However, banks often charge a minimum fee, usually 50 euros.

Guarantees are usually available in sizes ranging from 750 euros to 10,000 euros. A comparison for Mietavale shows once again that online banks in many areas compared to the affiliate institutes are simply the cheaper alternative.

Alternatively to a Mietaval offers a Mietkachtsversicherung, which basically follows the same pattern. The Schufa exam is also included.

Paying debts: useful tips to face a common situation



When you think you have touched the bottom here you fall even lower.

This does not want to be a demoralizing article, far from it. It wants to be a lifeline for those who, like many others, are experiencing an uneasy situation with the further concern that their circumstances could worsen further.

One of the worst things that can happen in an already difficult period due to an economic crisis, is the loss of work. Staying at home means kneeling oneself and one’s family. Remember that having debts is depressing but it is a situation from which you can go out with determination and fortitude.

If you are reading this article and are in a situation of economic difficulty, read our tips carefully.

Define a primary budget

First, define a survival budget. Planning expenses will allow you to get to the end of the month without surprises, managing to save what little you need to face any even harsher moments.

Cut everything that is superfluous at the moment. Do it thinking it will come a day in which you can end the sacrifices and resume your life in peace.

In the primary budget enter the necessary expenses : food, rent or mortgage, installment for the car, petrol, transport costs. Also take into account the severance indemnity, any unemployment and extra work. To save money you can delete your landline, pay-TV, various season tickets and leisure time.

Here comes the toughest moment. If the primary budget is not enough to pay the debts it will be necessary to take cover; debts must take precedence over the rest. You can evaluate to sell the car and use public transport or request the suspension of the loan for a few months.

If you are unemployed, avoid using a credit card or using a bank credit, you would accumulate interest that would turn into other debts to be paid. The purpose is to contain expenses without further debts.

Even if it seems impossible to you it’s not like that. There is always a way to cut something. Often this also helps to realize the superfluous.

Let’s take an example: you can shop at discount stores or go hunting for offers. This does not mean turning all the supermarkets in search of the best promotion; when, however, you find an interesting offer, take stock, especially if it is non-perishable products.

This strategy will help you pay your debts even at a time of great difficulty.

Negotiate a repayment plan with your creditors

If you can not pay the debts, negotiate another repayment plan to reduce the interest or lower the installment.

You can also negotiate with the bank, simply contact your institution to make an appointment.

In the case of debts with Fortalia it is possible to obtain the extension on the payment of tax bills bycontacting the appropriate offices.


Paying debts when you are without money, requires effort and willpower, but by planning your income and expenses you can pay off your debts and avoid accumulating others.

Remediation loan comparison – debt rescheduling online

Apply for debt rescheduling online

Why not reschedule, if you can save interest with it? A debt rescheduling loan is available in all credit areas. The balancing of the expensive Sitcosable is an option, the replacement of a more expensive installment loan or the bundling of several contracts in one or the rescheduling of mortgage lending the others. When does the rescheduling make sense and what should be considered?

The Sitco: Formless loan against credit agreement

A bank usually provides the account holder with a discretionary credit without a contract and without collateral. The Sitcosition will be based purely on the creditworthiness of the account holder. However, if the financial development of its client no longer seems fair to it, the bank has the option to reduce the credit line or to make it completely due. This means that the account holder must pay back the outstanding balance within a certain period of time.

A Sitco is a convenient facility. If at the end of the month, the cover is missing in the account to get hold of a bargain, the overdraft makes the purchase possible anyway. However, the overdraft also carries a risk. If the account holder is not careful, he slips with his account more and more in the target, lives practically only from the credit line and comes out of this credit spiral only with difficulty. Above all, it costs the dispatcher really money. Two-digit interest rates are still not uncommon.

However, before it comes to the point where the financial scope is completely limited, the countermeasure is recommended by a debt rescheduling loan. Well, this requires a credit agreement and the provision of collateral, but both should not be a problem. The salary assignment usually takes as security. For the self-employed, however, the number of providers for debt rescheduling is somewhat limited, as they have to resort to a bank that also accepts other collateral.

What is the advantage of a debt rescheduling over the permanent Sitco?

Over time, the account usage evolves into a mountain, which the account holder pushes ahead of him. Since there is no installment agreement, there may be a little bit of discipline in the end to get some credit every month. The debt rescheduling is forcing the monthly installment to be returned to the bank on a continuous basis. The borrower knows exactly how high the repayment will be each month, how long it will take for it to become debt-free and, in addition, saves a lot of money for the more favorable interest rates. Here’s an example of the benefits of the debt rescheduling loan:

Sitcosable installment loan
credit 2,000 euros credit 2,000 euros
interest rate 10% pa interest rate 3.9% effective pa
Cost for two years 400 euros Cost for two years 80.81 euros
Residual debt after two years 2,000 euros Residual debt after two years 0 euros


Rescheduling the installment loan

The interest rate changes. Some borrowers find that they would actually have to pay less interest if they use a debt rescheduling loan to repay a higher-interest loan. Especially when multiple loans are serviced, this consideration may well apply. Before a debt rescheduling comes to fruition, but some points should be clarified:

  • What is the residual debt at the time of the planned debt restructuring?
  • Is a prepayment penalty payable or are full or partial special repayments possible (a rescheduling is nothing but a special repayment)?
  • Has the credit rating changed adversely? This would nevertheless lead to an increase in the loan despite generally favorable interest rates.

Once these questions have been clarified, all that remains is to find the cheapest debt rescheduling loan. It is important that the borrower selects “debt rescheduling” in the loan comparison because the application routine may be different for one bank or another. The loans are requested, the rescheduling is planned.

With regard to the early repayment penalty, this is one percent of the remaining debt for a remaining term of the loan of more than one year, and 0.5 percent for a remaining term of less than twelve months.

Here is a sample calculation. The remaining debt amounts to 5,000 euros, 10 per cent per annum special repayment on the remaining debt is possible free of charge. The remaining term of the loan is three years. A prepayment penalty amounts to one percent to 4,500 euros, 45 euros.

At the end of the day, it is a rhetoric as to whether the debt repayment loan is actually the cheaper solution. In the selection, borrowers should ask multiple banks. The final individual interest rate is set by the banks only after the credit check has been completed. An impact on the Private credit do not have the different requests, because they are neutral condition requests.

The rescheduling of mortgage lending

This topic had hit quite high waves, as it was possible until recently, due to form errors in the revocation of the construction loan to replace this without prepayment penalty. In the case of mortgage lending, with one exception, an early repayment penalty is always payable if the loan is to be repaid during the fixed interest period. Annoyingly, this is about amounts in the four- or five-digit range.

The prepayment penalty will only be canceled if the fixed interest has been agreed for more than ten years. In this case, the borrower may terminate the financing with six months’ notice to the end of the tenth year.

While the cost of rescheduling a classic installment loan is absolutely transparent, the banks are brilliant at mortgage lending with total opacity. The Consumer Center recommends always having the calculation of the banks checked by a specialist.

The rescheduling loan for mortgage lending, however, entails something else. Mortgage lending is secured by a land charge order in favor of the financing bank. Anyone who remembers the purchase of their property knows that this process was associated with costs. The notary sent his cost note, the district court the fee notice. The same game would theoretically come to the borrower in a debt restructuring in duplicate. On the one hand, the existing mortgage would have to be canceled for a fee, and on the other hand it would have to be re-registered in favor of the new bank.

Fortunately, this process is completely superfluous in the case of a debt rescheduling loan for mortgage lending. Banks accept a notarised declaration of assignment for the provision of collateral. The cost of doing so is only a fraction of the cost of cancellation and re-ordering.

It is important that the borrower obtains all relevant data, residual debt, prepayment penalty and the possible percentage of a free special repayment in advance of the planned rescheduling. In addition there is the amount of the costs for the declaration of assignment. If these data are available, it is possible to calculate exactly whether a debt rescheduling loan is worthwhile in the case of mortgage lending or not.

The loan tax in the family 2019 – what is worth knowing?

The Polish state, like most countries in the world, to secure its influence, blames citizens with various types of fiscal burdens. In addition to all known taxes: income, VAT, excise or tax on winnings, there are many taxes that the average person has not heard of and does not know that she should pay them. One such non-obvious tax is family loan tax. Below is everything you need to know about this tax. We invite you to the article.

Family loan tax – what is it?

Family loan tax - what is it?

According to the Act of 9 September 2000 on tax on civil law transactions, each private loan is subject to PCC tax in the amount of 2% of the base (in this case, the loan amount is the basis). In other words, by concluding a loan agreement with someone, we are obliged to give the tax office 2% of the amount borrowed. Fortunately, the legislator has provided for several exceptions in which we are not obliged to pay this tax.

According to art. 9 par. 10 of the Act on tax on civil law transactions are exempt from taxation:

  • loans from credit unions or company funds, trade union funds, employee relief and loan funds;
  • cooperative savings and credit unions;
  • loans received from one person in the amount not exceeding PLN 5,000 or PLN 25,000 from many people – received within 3 consecutive calendar years, starting from January 1, 2009;
  • loans granted by entrepreneurs who do not have their registered office or management in Poland, who conduct activities in the field of loans and lending.

In addition, we will avoid taxation if you borrow money from your immediate family, specifically from people who belong to the first tax group. According to the act, they are:

  • spouse,
  • descendants,
  • ascendant,
  • stepson,
  • son in law,
  • daughter in law,
  • siblings,
  • stepfather,
  • stepmother,
  • in-laws.

The limit amount, for which we do not have to report a loan to the tax office, is PLN 9,637 per one person within 5 years. If the amount borrowed by us exceeds this sum, we are forced to report it to the appropriate tax office and meet two conditions:

  1. Submit a document certifying the transfer of the loan to a bank account or postal order.
  2. Submit a PCC3 declaration on tax on civil law transactions to the competent tax authority within 14 days from the date of the act.

The fulfillment of the above conditions exempts us from the obligation to pay 2% tax for the amount above PLN 9,637. It should be remembered that this rule does not apply to loans between parents-in-law, son-in-law and daughter-in-law. These persons are required to pay the tax if the loan amount is exceeded.

What are the consequences of not complying with the conditions for dismissal?

What are the consequences of not complying with the conditions for dismissal?

The Act clearly and legally defines the obligations to be met in order to receive tax exemption and penalties for failure to do so. If the loan is not reported within the statutory period of 14 days, the taxpayer is forced to pay a tax of 2%. If, however, taxpayers refer to the fact of concluding a loan agreement during the tax inspectorate’s inspections and the taxpayer fails to submit relevant documents confirming the transfer of money to a bank account, money order or the account of Spółdzielcza Kasa Oszczędnościowo Kredytowe, he will be charged a 20% tax the basic amount. That is why it is very important to ensure that all formalities are within the deadline set by law, because otherwise you may have to pay additional costs.

How to draw up a loan agreement?

Everyone knows that all contracts, even those made with relatives, should be in writing. For this reason, it is worth ensuring that the loan agreement in the family contains all the necessary information, such as:

  • who – means the person providing the loan;
  • what – the amount of the loan granted;
  • commu- nity of the person accepting the loan;
  • a possible percentage of the amount borrowed;
  • loan repayment date;
  • the degree of kinship of the persons concluding the contract.

Such a contract does not have to be confirmed by a notary. Issues related to loan taxes lie with the borrower and he must settle them.

It is worth remembering that in the title of a transfer with a loan, enter that it is a loan in the family. We will then have a credible proof of transfer in the event of a US inspection or subsequent enforcement of your claims.

Loan and donation? Differences in taxes

Loan and donation? Differences in taxes

In the case of donations, as in the case of a loan, persons from the first tax group are exempt from the tax if the donation does not exceed PLN 9,737. A further family also has a chance to avoid taxation, but in their case the tax-free amount is respectively:

  • PLN 7,276 for the second group (descendants of siblings, siblings of parents, descendants and spouses of stepchildren, spouses of siblings and siblings of spouses, spouses of siblings of spouses, spouses of other descendants);
  • PLN 4,902 for the third group (other buyers).

It is worth mentioning that within the first group, the group 0 is distinguished, which includes:

  • spouse;
  • descendants (eg son, daughter, grandchildren, great-grandchildren);
  • introductory (eg mother, father, grandparents);
  • siblings;
  • stepfather;
  • stepmother.

This group is exempt from tax for an amount exceeding the limit amount, provided that they meet the following conditions:

  1. They will report it to the relevant tax office.
  2. They adequately document the donation (similar to a loan).

These persons are required to meet these conditions within 6 months of receiving the donation.

In other cases, you must submit a declaration to the appropriate tax office, within 1 month of receiving the donation and pay the tax, which is:

  • 3% – up to PLN 10278;
  • 308 PLN 30 PLN and 5% surplus over 10,288 PLN – for the amount from 10278 PLN to 20556 PLN;
  • PLN 822 PLN 20 and 7% surplus over PLN 20,556 – for an amount over PLN 20556.

As you can see, tax regulations in Poland may seem a bit complicated and do not bypass even the closest family. However, the fulfillment of the conditions for dismissal on time will mean that we will not have to bear additional costs related to a loan or donation from the immediate family.

Loan 20000 euros consolidation debts – 5 Tips on How to Get Financing!

Loan 20000 euros

Want to get a simple and flexible online loan of 20000 euros ? With Gandalf you can meet your needs and get your financing 20000 euros without too many complications. We will help you find the right product for you. Request it now!

Request a free estimate now with immediate result; It’s simple and free! By filling out the contact form on our website, you will allow one of our consultants to evaluate your request. Once the feasibility has been verified, we will contact you immediately to provide you with the result and the estimate for the 20000 euro online loan.

Do you have a question? Leave your comment ; at the bottom of the page you will find the appropriate space. We will reply promptly free of charge.

20000 euros loan in 120 months, rates and low installment

Unlike home loans, where the duration can be up to 30 years, the loans provide a maximum duration of up to 120 months. What are the benefits?

  • low rate : by increasing the duration of a loan, the monthly amount to be repaid to the loan will gradually decrease.
  • greater possibilities for positive evaluation if the applicant already has other commitments in progress.

The incidence of installments compared to income is important; this ratio should not, in principle, exceed 40% of monthly income. For example, if Mario receives 1500 euros he can commit his paycheck or pension up to a maximum of 600 euros (income 1500 euros * 40% = 600 euros). In this example, Mario has a mortgage in progress, with an installment of 400 euros.

Mario may request a new loan with a maximum payment of 200 euros. In this regard, a duration of up to 120 months will allow him to obtain a high liquidity, close to the 20,000 euros he needs.

Loan 20000 euros consolidation debts

Loan 20000 euros consolidation debts

The debt consolidation loan is a valid solution to combine all the commitments in progress in a single lower installment. Advantages:

  • only monthly payment
  • we do not have to remember all the deadlines of the month
  • single interlocutor (financial) with whom to dialogue
  • standardize interest rates

Debt consolidation can be extended up to 120 months, 10 years.

For more details, contact us and request a free consultation.

20000 euros loan to bad payers

Are you reported in the database for late payments? Do you need liquidity and do not know who to turn to? Here are the 20000 euro loans you can request to get the amount of money you need.

  • employee loans
  • delegation of payment
  • loan changed

The first in the list, the transfer of the fifth, is aimed at civil servants, public, private and pensioners inps ex inpdap, while delegating and changed only to employees.

As a broker registered in the OAM register (agents and credit mediators) no. M 359, Gandalf is able to find various solutions at the best market conditions.

In an easy and safe way, you will get all the advice you want, free of charge, directly to your home. Yes, it is. It does not matter where you live in Turin, Genoa, Savona, Pistoia, Bologna, Ferrara, Milan or Rome. Our collaborators are active throughout Italy; we will reach you peacefully, wherever you live.