German debt relief TEST – Serious & costs ok?

According to the Federal Ministry for Family and Social Affairs, over two million households are over-indebted, and once again so many are close to it. Over-indebtedness often means complete resignation for those affected.

This causes the spiral to turn downwards. Help is needed as soon as possible, it should have been searched in advance.

The essentials in brief

  • German debt relief is a reputable provider of debt restructuring, debt restructuring or going into private bankruptcy.
  • The aim is to reduce the debt burden and the amount of installments.
  • A free analysis interview is possible throughout Germany.
  • In business for over 20 years.



  • In our rescheduling loan comparison, first check the costs and conditions for rescheduling free of charge and without obligation even if the private credit is negative.
  • In our overview of reputable debt restructuring you will find more debt counselors for Germany.

German debt relief test and experiences

German debt relief test and experiences

Debt is not the same as debt. Professionals distinguish between three levels.

  • Debt: Debt already exists when a cell phone is bought on credit. However, experts do not see any fears about a debt level of up to 25 percent of net household income.
  • Debt: The debt is so high that the household net income is not enough to pay the load. However, the debtor still has other assets that can be used to settle the debt.
  • Over-indebtedness: The debts are so high that the net household income for repayment is insufficient and there are no other assets.

The first recommends to get an idea of ​​the income and expenditure. This is already enough for a household bill. On the revenue side, not only the salary should be available, but also other possible cash receipts, such as a repayment of repayment or tax repayment.

Conversely, on the expenditure side, it must also be noted which additional payments, for example to the tax office, are still pending. The easiest way to track expenses is to use the classic budget book. Here it can also be seen where there is potential for savings.

Last but not least, it is necessary to compile a list of outstanding claims for creditor and amount. The debt counselor must also know which creditors are already seeking enforcement or threaten debt collection.

Debt counseling is, as mentioned, not only in over-indebtedness, but also useful in advance. These include situations like

  • Too high monthly overall rates
  • Payments to too many jobs
  • Plated accounts
  • Locked accounts
  • reminders
  • Reminder and enforcement orders
  • Visit by the bailiff
  • Less income through wage assignment
  • Wage garnishments

How do debts arise with private individuals?

How do debts arise with private individuals?

The problem with debt is that they do not come overnight. Debts are slowly building up like a wave. It starts with the Dispo, which becomes the permanent state. Open credit card balances complete this picture. The first debt restructuring comes into a installment loan, but the debt spiral is starting all over again. In addition there are current payment obligations for water, electricity, mobile phone etc.

Many retailers offer to buy on credit with small installments. Some consumers do not pay attention at the moment that he already has five loans with 30 euros per month, and uses the mobile phone financing. It’s only ten euros a month. So one payment obligation comes slowly to the next. Creditors usually want their money back, the debt relief according to § 397 Abs. 1 BGB comes only in the rarest cases to bear.

debt Relief

debt Relief

The German Debt Liberation (DSB) offers a free analysis of the debtor’s situation in order to get involved in debt relief. With more than 20 years of experience in debt counseling, German debt relief offers systematic debt relief. The way to get there depends on the individual circumstances of the debtor. The offer of ranges from conversations with the creditors over a reduction of the rate on a loan debt to the accompaniment in a private bankruptcy.

The analysis and the solutions can be requested by using the contact form. Only the entry of the name, the e-mail address, the telephone number as well as the profession, net income and debt are necessary. The company operates nationwide. However, legal advice must not take place, but the German debt relief offers a network of specialized lawyers.


If you are in the debt trap, you need help as soon as possible. Professional supporters may still be able to help avert the worst, personal bankruptcy. has the necessary competence and the appropriate network to be able to actively help.

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